Clinicopathological spectrum of Granulomatous Mastitis

renu sharma, Meenakshi Khajuria, Amit Rattan


Background: Granulomatous mastitis (GM) is a rare and often confusing chronic inflammatory breast condition with unknown etiopathogenesis and vivid clinical presentation.It was first described by Kessler and Wolloch in 1972.. Generally it is of two types, Idiopathic GM and specific GM. It is almost impossible to make its diagnosis or even suspicious diagnosis of granulomatous mastitis clinically and radiologically. Diagnosis is made purely on FNAC (Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology) and histology.             

Methodology: We had planned a two year retrospective study of granulomatous mastitis which initially presented with chief complaints of lump breast in surgery OPD.

Results: Review of cytological archives revealed 12 cases of granulomatous mastitis. Two cases were tubercular mastitis and 10 cases were diagnosed as idiopathic granulomastitis.

Conclusion:  GM is still a diagnostic challenge for surgeons and pathologist even after 45 years of its first documentation because of its unknown etiopathogenesis. More proactive research studies are required to establish its etiopathogenesis. Secondary causes should be ruled out to establish diagnosis of IGM. Patients should be followed up regularly so that no case of developing/underlying malignancy is missed

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